FAQ about attic ladders
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Is a wood attic ladder better than an aluminum attic ladder?

  • Wood attic ladders can be made taller and stronger than aluminum
  • Steps on a wood attic ladder can be tightened
  • Aluminum attic stairs are lighter
  • Wood is usually cheaper

Do I measure from finish floor to ceiling or finish floor to attic floor?

  • For a folding attic ladder measure from floor to ceiling
  • For a disappearing stair (non-folding ladder) measure fro floor to attic floor 

What is duty rating of 300 LBS.?

  • Government testing is done so that the ladder withstand pressure of 300 lbs. with out breaking. 
  • Government test builds in a four times safety factor so the ladder will withstand 1,200 lbs. without breaking

What is an "Engineered Truss"?

  • Most new homes have the roof and ceiling built with trusses that are raised up and create one unit.
  • The truss joists are usually spaced 24" on center 
  • To put an attic ladder between these joists, the ladder spacing has to be 22-1/2" maximum.

What is a rough opening?

  • This is the inside to inside measurements in the ceiling so that the attic ladder will fit up into the ceiling joists.
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