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Disappearing Stairs (Attic Ladders)

Disappearing stairs create a perfect solution for gaining access to an upper level. Disappearing stairs are easy to pull down while not not impeding a common walkway. This facilitates more storage space, while not decreasing your livable area.

Disappearing stairs are an affordable solution to gain more space for your  home or workplace.

Although these are commonly known as Attic Ladders, they are not a folding variety and therefore, are not folding stairs (though, folding stairs are also known as Attic Ladder).

here are some features that our various models of stairs include:

  • Heavy Duty construction (600-800# duty rating, depending on model).
  • Telescoping Attic Stairs.
  • All of our Disappearing Stairs are self contained packages.

All of our stairs can be installed in ceilings with a 24" (on center) engineered joists. We also offer models that can accommodate 25-1/2" wide and 30" wide joists.

Take a look at our product lines of Attic Ladders

Rainbow Style Disappearing Stairs (non-folding)

Bessler Style (folding)

Dont' Climb up a ladder.....Walk up the stairs!


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